Sunday, March 1, 2009

Best free CD Label Writer is ....

I've spent the last day or so downloading and evaluating at least a dozen CD and DVD label writers. Pretty much most of them pretend to be free, but they're in actual fact shareware.

The ones I've tried include:
  • CD Label Designer
  • UnderCover XP
  • Zoner Draw 3
  • Disketch CD Label Creator
  • Nero's Label Maker
And you know what, even after this lot and a whole lot more searching, I still couldn't find a good free one. The truly free ones are extremely limited. Some are OK, then when you go to print them out on Avery style labels, they simply don't line up.

But then I discovered, the easy way. Open Office again. There are some great templates available for Open Office Writer that do the trick perfectly and basically put all those other guys out of business. This method allows you to more easily align the CD or DVD with the label and import images and text etc more freely.

Had I realised that you could do it so easily in Open Office (one of my current favourite apps), it would have saved me a whole lot of time. I hope I've saved you some.