Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 Essential Freeware Programs to download for a Fresh Install

Having recently reinstalled my PC yet again, I thought I'd share a brief list of must have free programs which I always download and install on any fresh copy of Windows.
  1. Microsoft Security Essentials (freeware - requires valid Windows licence) - virus and spyware protection is a must and it won't bog down your PC either
  2. Sun Open Office (freeware) - essential for documents, desktop publishing, spreadheets and presentations
  3. Adobe Reader (freeware) - opening PDF files can be difficult without it 
  4. Mozilla Thunderbird (freeware) - for email
  5. Irfanview (freeware) - for viewing images
  6. Paint.NET (freeware) - for editing images
  7. Mozilla Firefox (freeware)- web browsing mainly for its plugins and standards base (using it less than Chrome these days though
  8. Picasa (freeware) - an essential photo management tool
  9. Windows Movie Maker (freeware) - a nice little suite for creating movie files and uploading them to services such as YouTube
  10. Filezilla (freeware) - for uploading files to the web
I can survive without anything else installed.

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