Thursday, June 10, 2010

Google Chrome is a most addictive web browser

My first impressions of Google Chrome as a web browser for Windows were probably swayed by my unfamiliarity with the interface, however I seem to have forgiven its forthcomings I have become drawn to Chrome as my web browser of choice.

There are many applications that Chrome does not work properly for me (particularly due to javascript support) and in that case I find myself booting up Firefox.  It is those times that I realise how fast Chrome is in comparison to Mozilla's browser.  Speed is the #1 reason I use Chrome.  It is also used by Google in its marketing pitch and for good reason.  The other browser are far to bloated and too much time to load.

Of my other criticisms of Chrome are the difficult to find menu items, such as privacy settings which are hidden deep within the options behind a little spanner icon.  Other things I've had to adjust to are things like shortcut keys.  However once these hurdles are overcome, Chrome is very useful.  Plugin support, one of the key things I like about Firefox, is quickly growing for Google Chrome.

I have read that Chrome is stealing marketshare from Firefox and Internet Explorer (as much as 10% on some sites), well I am not suprised.  However this popularity is not reflected in website support for the browser.  Many websites that I visit unfortunately look like a dogs breakfast in Chrome.

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